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Why Choose Automatic Doors For Hospital Clean Rooms

The clean room automatic door system is the optimal entrance solution for patients and healthcare staff in medical facilities and hospitals safely, efficiently and conveniently. Automatic doors are becoming more and more popular in hospital clean rooms (operating rooms) due to a series of outstanding advantages. The following article will explain why choose automatic doors for hospital clean rooms.

1. Contamination control

One of the fastest ways of contaminating and spreading viruses is hand contact, especially when touching the surfaces such as door surfaces.

Cleanroom automatic doors are the optimal choice for sterile control areas such as hospitals, which helps to limit hand-to-door contact, thereby limiting the risk of infection. Automatic doors provide convenience for staff, who have to constantly move equipment and beds from room to room, without using their hands to open the door.

Automatic doors are used in many places where high cleanliness is required such as operating rooms, intensive care rooms, isolation rooms, ...

Cleanroom automatic doors have an outer layer made from color sprayed whole steel or stainless steel with a smooth flat surface, preventing bacteria from hiding.Common Faults And Handling Of Air Shower

2. Functionality

When you choose a cleanroom automatic door, you don't need to sacrifice form for function. With so many different configurations, designs, and options, you can easily find the right solution for your needs.

There are 3 types of automatic cleanroom doors: swing doors, sliding doors, 2-side sliding doors. Swing doors are often used for high traffic corridors/rooms, sliding doors are often used in restricted areas, and 2-side sliding doors are used in places where a large opening is required for movement. medical equipment and patient beds.Service Life Of Air Showers

3. Customer's favorite pick

A report indicates that a large number of customers love and realize the importance of automatic doors. A recent study by the association AAADM showed that 98.9% of customers prefer automatic doors.

Participants admitted that choosing to install automatic doors for hospital clean rooms is extremely necessary. Automatic doors provide a quiet environment and create a private space for the patient. The patient in the room is unaffected by the noise outside, and the doctor-patient conversations are not overheard from the outside.Double Person Double Blowing Air Shower Room

4. Safety and convenience

When properly installed and maintained, automatic doors bring safety and convenience to users. Cleanroom automatic doors eliminate the inconvenience of struggling to open a heavy door by hand.

Doors are made from fireproof materials. For the control environment, where especially positive pressure rooms, negative pressure rooms, using automatic cleanroom doors is a solution for smooth and easy operation.China Air Shower Manufacturers And Suppliers

5. Easy to use and maintain

Today's high-tech automatic doors are very user-friendly and can be powered independently. When automatic doors are regularly maintained, daily operation is simple and often trouble-free.

Cleanroom automatic doors are also less prone to damage or wear and tear from trolleys and other vehicles, thus extending the door's lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

6. Energy saving

Sustainability is a concern in modern construction, and automatic doors help save energy by ensuring they close efficiently, safely and securely. Automatic doors only open and close when the user acts on them, this prevents the door from being opened, resulting in wasted heating or cooling costs of the air conditioning system.

Plus, many new automatic door options use minimal energy to operate, safe to save energy. Therefore, automatic doors are suitable for temperature controlled environments such as operating rooms.

7. Long service life

Automatic doors are less susceptible to damage from carts and other vehicles because the amount of contact with the door is limited. This helps to increase the life of the door set and reduce maintenance costs. Automatic doors save significant costs and energy throughout their lifecycle. A properly installed, maintained and serviced automatic door will function smoothly for many years.

Automatic doors are a cost-effective solution to provide universal access to clean room constructions.

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