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Food Packaging Industry Air Shower And Cargo Air Shower

Air shower and cargo air shower is the packaging industry QS certification application of better purification equipment, respectively, for the purification of the workshop personnel and materials into the production plant strict quality control, personnel air shower and food industry air shower application is more similar, no longer over I elaborate. And the cargo air shower and fast rolling shutter door in the packaging industry seems to have a more extensive application than the food industry.The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

Food Packaging Industry Air Shower And Cargo Air Shower

Since the "net to net first" is gradually attached to the domestic and foreign, not only the food industry in a comprehensive verification and supervision of QS certification, including the food-related upstream and downstream industries are being rectified, some unqualified enterprises have been eliminated from the game. Immediately after the food QS certification is the packaging industry, because the food packaging generation is in direct contact with the food, so the flexible packaging industry, blister, blow molding and other packaging window QS certification has come to the point of no delay.Benefits of Air Showers And How Air Showers Are Used

This is mainly because the packaging workshop is generally large production equipment and raw materials, raw materials in and out very frequently, and most of this raw materials and finished products are transferred using large forklifts, so the fast rolling shutter door and fast rolling shutter door cargo air shower is quite a lot of applications in the packaging workshop.

Fast rolling shutter door can be used in the packaging workshop, mainly because of the following characteristics: fast rolling shutter door sealing, open and close the speed, usually 3 meters high door within 3-4 seconds can quickly open and close, compared to steel rolling shutter door, its sealing and low noise is the best choice for the production workshop. There are various options in opening mode, such as manual, automatic induction, geomagnetic induction, manual remote control, photoelectric switch, card induction control, etc. At present, it has been widely used in packaging workshop.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Classification

The cleanliness requirements of the food packaging clean room must prove that it meets the requirements of the following guidelines.

1. The air supply volume of the food packaging clean room is sufficient to dilute or eliminate the pollution generated in the room.

2. The air in the food packaging clean room is flowing from the clean area to the poorly clean area, the flow of contaminated air is at a minimum, and the air flows in the correct direction at the door and in the indoor building.

3. The air supply of food packaging clean room will not significantly increase the indoor pollution.

4. The movement state of indoor air in food packaging clean room can ensure that there is no high concentration gathering area in the chamber.

If the clean room meets the requirements of these guidelines above, its particle concentration or microbial concentration (if necessary) can be measured to determine that it meets the specified clean room standards.Cleanroom Air Showers: Everything You Need To Know

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