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Manual Door Air Shower To Extend The Service Life

At present, the more used air shower material has 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, cold-rolled steel baking paint several.The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

Manual Door Air Shower To Extend The Service Life

1, stainless steel air shower use life in about 10-15 years, more ventilation and dry environment can use about 20 years.

2, color steel plate air shower base plate service life is generally in 3-5 years, not often maintenance may be about 1 year - 2 years, color steel plate box service life of about 8 years, with the environment requirements more and more high, generally speaking, now on the market color steel plate air shower has basically been eliminated, so it is not recommended that air shower users choose color steel plate air shower.Benefits of Air Showers And How Air Showers Are Used

3, cold-rolled steel baking paint air shower service life of about 10 years, dry environment can be used for about 15 years, if properly maintained, service life and stainless steel air shower is not comparable.What Is Air Shower Specifications

As the saying goes, "good technology is better than good maintenance", when we use some purification equipment, manual door air shower is the most special one, but also many of our health industry requirements must use one of the equipment, and in the process of its use, there are many problems that we need to pay attention to. The following Kwang Purification net to introduce how to maintain the manual door air shower, what are its precautions?Cleanroom Air Shower Price Cheap Factory Direct Sales

Manual Door Air Shower To Extend The Service Life

1, usually clean manual door air shower can not use corrosive solvents and other scrubbing air shower box, so as not to erase the internal paint and the appearance of the box air shower under the box to use a period of time after the removal of the primary filter to replace or clean, in order to better protect the service life of the high-efficiency filter.

2, manual door air shower after power, both sides of the door electronic interlock, one side of the door is not completely closed, forcibly open the other side of the door is strictly prohibited; in the maintenance (or open the panel) must pay attention to safety, pull off the incoming switch, pull out the insurance, to confirm the absence of electricity before the industry; emergency stop switch can not be automatically reset after pressing, the system enters a dormant state, then you need to press the emergency stop button back to be pressed, the system can resume normal status.

3, lightly open and close the manual door inside and outside the air shower, especially the safety management can not be ignored, if you encounter circuit-related problems, it is best to contact the air shower manufacturers to come to the scene to deal with. Or let the company's internal electrician with relevant maintenance experience to deal with.

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