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Why Need To Build Cleanroom?

Why Need To Build Cleanroom?With the rapid development of the social economy, especially scientific experiments and high-tech production processes represented by bioengineering, microelectronics, and precision processing, the precision, miniaturization, high purity, high quality and high reliability of product processing are proposed Higher requirements. The indoor production environment is not only related to the health and comfort of employees' production activities, but also to the important issues of production efficiency, product quality, and even the smoothness of the production process.Double Person Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Why Need To Build Cleanroom?

1. Have an important impact on the production process

Indoor production environment is one of the key factors restricting industrial production, especially high-tech production. For example, in the chip production process of the microelectronics industry, the control of particles must reach the molecular level, otherwise production cannot be carried out, or defective products are produced; in the production environment of antibiotics, if there are certain microorganisms, the production cannot be normal get on.Air Shower Maintenance Precautions

2. Affect production efficiency

The impact of the indoor production environment on production efficiency is reflected in the following two aspects: First, a good production environment can not only protect the physical and mental health and attendance of production personnel, but also improve their work mood and enthusiasm; The smooth progress of production improves the yield of products.Static And Dynamic Pass Box For Cleanroom

3. Affect product quality

Indoor production environment is one of the important factors affecting product quality. For example, products such as photosensitive film, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, precision instruments and micro motors, if contaminated with dust, will reduce quality or even scrap; in the food processing industry, the presence of microorganisms will shorten the shelf life and reduce product quality.The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

4. Cause environmental pollution

As we all know, environmental pollution is mainly caused by industrial pollution. Among them, air pollution and water pollution have an impact on people ’s health on the one hand, and also affect the production process and product quality on the other hand.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Classification

Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of indoor pollution on the production process, it is necessary to improve or solve the indoor pollution problem through clean technology. Only by building a clean room, using a closed structure, a reasonable air flow organization and a reasonable pressure difference, can the micro-environment achieve the required air cleanliness and meet the production requirements.6 Tips For Cleanroom Cleaning

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