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Air Shower Type Pass Thrus Box

Air shower pass thrus box is also called air shower purification pass box or air shower transfer cabinet, pass thrus box is a kind of clean room auxiliary equipment, air shower pass box is mainly used to transfer small objects between clean room and non-clean area or between clean rooms of different levels and different pressures, on the one hand, it plays the role of airlock to prevent high pressure from being released in high-level clean rooms, on the other hand, it realizes the blowing effect during the transfer process to ensure the cleanliness of the items entering the clean area itself and reduce cross-contamination of the objects. The blowing shower time can be adjusted arbitrarily within 1 minute according to the actual needs, which can achieve the effect of blowing shower and energy saving to a large extent.Paper Honeycomb Handmade Panel

Air Shower Type Pass Thrus Box

What is air shower type pass thrus box? The air shower type pass thrus box is based on the common transfer window with high efficiency filtration air supply system. The air shower type pass box is designed according to the air shower room model, so that the wind is cleaned by the high efficiency filter and sprayed by the stainless steel nozzle with a wind speed of 20m/s or more. The purification effect is remarkable and the usability is strong.Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door

Air shower type pass thrus box is the equipment to provide local dust-free and sterile high clean working environment, which can meet the special requirements of medical, biopharmaceutical, electronic optical, chemical, food, precision instrumentation, scientific research and other industries for working environment. The fan should be low noise and equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp, which makes the product safer and more reliable.Why Use A Cleanroom

The process of air shower pass thrus box: open the outer door of the pass box(the inner door of the transfer window is locked), place the items inside the transfer window, then close the outer door of the transfer window, automatically start the air shower, and open the inner door to take out the items after the air shower timing is finished (the outer door of the pass box is locked).The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

Our production of air shower pass thrus box features.

1, air shower type pass thrus box adopts more suitable for the clean room principle of rounded corner design.

2, air shower pass thrus box by the box, the outer wall of cold-rolled steel plate spraying, fan, primary filter, high efficiency filter, control board and other major components.

3, air shower type pass thrus box internal work surface using stainless steel plate, box body surface using cold plate spraying (using multi-layer pickling technology, electrostatic dust-free spraying treatment) or full stainless steel plate production, work area using stainless steel plate, flat and smooth wear-resistant.

4,Air shower type transfer window is equipped with mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking device on both sides of the door to ensure that both doors cannot be opened at the same time.

5, air shower type transfer window window wind nozzle outlet wind speed up to 20s above, can be installed according to customer requirements differential pressure table or box on both sides of the installation of intercom, so that the two sides of the box to take and send convenient.

6, the use of high efficiency filter without partition, EVA seal material, high sealing performance, filtration efficiency: 99.997%, to ensure the purification level.

7, air shower transfer window can use ultraviolet germicidal lamp or ozone strip bacteria (especially suitable for the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, ozone sterilization principle: ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericide, can kill bacterial propagules and spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and can destroy botulinum toxin, ozone in the water sterilization speed is much faster than chlorine, is 3000 times the chlorine).

8, air shower type transfer window using imported electronic components, reliable performance.

9, can be paired with call type intercom.

10, taking into account the service life of the air shower transfer window, it is recommended that the air shower transfer window to 100,000 levels or higher cleanliness in the clean area use.How To Choose Gmp Pharmacy Cleanroom Door

Air shower pass thrus box illustration:

1、High efficiency filter without partition

2、Airflow nozzle

3、Door with interlock

4、Glass sealing strip

5、Door handle

6、Laminated glass


8、Primary filter

9、Large air volume fan

Air shower pass thrus box use related notes, including maintenance, blowing shower process, blowing shower control, how to open the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp device.

Pass box installation maintenance: inside and outside doors open at the same time, the lighting is on. At this time, the "lighting" button is invalid, the inner and outer door indicator light at the same time that the inner and outer doors open at the same time.What Is Air Shower Specifications

Normal operation of the air shower type pass thrus box: open the outer door: the light is on, at this time the buzzer will issue a continuous "beep, beep, beep, beep" ringing tone to inform each other of the arrival of goods, while the inner door lock opens to prevent dust or bacteria into the interior; when the goods into the window and close the outer door, the system automatically enters the blowing process.

Air shower type pass thrus box blowing process: When the system enters the blowing process, the inner and outer doors open at the same time, after a delay of 1 to 2 seconds, the fan starts to blow the goods, blowing process for about 10 seconds (can be set), the fan stops after the end of blowing, while the inner and outer doors close, at this time you can open the door to take out the dust or dust and sterilization of the goods.Notes On The Use And Operation Of Pass Box

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