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Three Blowing Air Shower,Cargo Passage Air Shower

Three Blowing Air Shower

A three blowing air shower is a contamination control system designed to provide an extra layer of decontamination for individuals or materials. These air showers feature three decontamination cycles, ensuring thorough cleaning before entry into controlled environments.

As individuals pass through a three blowing air shower, they undergo a sequence of three decontamination cycles, each emitting high-velocity, filtered air. This multi-step process effectively removes particles and contaminants from clothing and surfaces, meeting the highest cleanliness standards required in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or biotechnology.

Three blowing air showers are often customizable to meet specific industry requirements, making them valuable for facilities with stringent contamination control needs.

Cargo Passage Air Shower

A cargo passage air shower is a contamination control system designed to decontaminate large cargo items, equipment, or materials before they enter controlled environments. These air showers are built with larger dimensions to accommodate cargo-sized objects.

As cargo passes through the air shower, high-velocity, filtered air is emitted to remove particles and contaminants from its surfaces. This process ensures that only properly decontaminated cargo gains access to controlled environments, such as cleanrooms, warehouses, or manufacturing areas.

Cargo passage air showers are critical in industries where cleanliness and contamination control are essential, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and logistics.

Standard Size of Air Shower

The standard size of an air shower can vary depending on the manufacturer and industry requirements. However, typical dimensions for a single-person air shower are approximately 3 feet by 3 feet (1 meter by 1 meter) for the chamber's interior size. Larger air showers designed for multiple individuals or cargo decontamination can have varying dimensions based on specific needs.

While the standard dimensions provide a reference point, it's important to note that air showers are often customizable to meet the exact size requirements of the facility and the decontamination process. The choice of size depends on factors such as available space, throughput needs, and the type of items or individuals that will be decontaminated.

Manufacturers can work with facilities to provide air showers that meet precise size specifications, ensuring that the system aligns with the facility's contamination control requirements.

Air Shower System

An air shower system is a contamination control solution designed to remove particles and contaminants from individuals, materials, or equipment before they enter controlled environments. These systems are crucial in maintaining cleanliness and preventing contamination in various industries.

Key components of an air shower system typically include a chamber with two doors (an entry and exit door), high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filters, and a blower unit. The system emits high-velocity, filtered air to effectively remove particles and contaminants.

Air shower systems can be customized to meet specific industry requirements, and they are commonly used in cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics production, and any environment where contamination control is essential.

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