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Air Shower Control Panel Use Introduction

The Air shower controller is an Air shower accessory, the function of each part of the Air shower is actually controlled by the control panel of the Air shower, such as the start of the Air shower, switch, etc. can not be separated from the control panel of the Air shower, we have also introduced the main control function of the control panel of the Air shower.Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door


Air Shower Control Panel:

Today Kwang purification essence of this article is only a supplement to the previous article did not introduce in detail that part of the content about air shower control panel for your reference:

1, Air shower lighting button: the use of Air shower lighting button, you can switch on and off at any time in the Air shower lighting.


2, the Air shower emergency stop button: when pressed the emergency stop button, the red emergency stop indicator lights up, disconnect all output points of power, press again, the system returns to the initial state.


3, the Air shower upward adjustment, downward adjustment button: in use through the upward and downward adjustment button to adjust the air shower delay time, the adjustment range (10-99 seconds), the adjustment time by the digital tube display.What is Sterile Cleanroom Project


4, Air shower manual button: when the inner and outer doors are closed, press the manual case key, the system is turned into the air shower process 1.1 (if no one is detected, the system automatically carries out a 99-second delay, during which time, if no one senses again, the system returns to the initial state).


The Air shower includes single Air shower, double Air shower, multiple Air shower, full stainless steel Air shower, cold rolled steel plate baking paint Air shower, automatic door Air shower, fast roll-up door Air shower, explosion-proof Air shower, corner Air shower, etc.

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