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What are the sources of contamination in a cleanroom

Different clean room standards require various restrictions on airborne particle concentration and levels of contamination. These standards require constant maintenance from powerful HEPA filtration systems, strict clothing requirements, rigorous cleaning regiments, and more.Where Are Cleanroom Air Showers Used

It should be noted that cleanrooms do not eliminate contamination; they control it to an acceptable level.How Can You Certify Your Cleanroom Classification?

What are the sources of contamination in a cleanroom

Our genuine concern is microbial contamination in most cases. Traditionally the technology did not exist to measure microbial contamination in real-time directly, so the “all airborne particulates” limits were used and extrapo.What Is A Class 100 Cleanroom?

lated /assumed to represent possible airborne microbial contamination risk.Air Showers Specifications

So the GMP’s set out defining and controlling sources of particulates to prevent possible “microbial contamination”.Why Choose Kwang Air Showers

Personnel present in a cleanroom usually are the highest source of airborne particulates, and microbial contamination risk, so proper gowning and limiting the number of staff into a room must be carefully controlled to be within the cleanroom design.

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