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How To Maintain And Manage The Industrial Clean Room

Industrial clean room (commonly known as purification room) is a room where the concentration of suspended particles in the air is controlled. Its construction and use should reduce the induced, generated and retained particles in the room. Other relevant indoor parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure should be controlled according to the requirements. The industrial clean room distinguishes the degree of cleanliness by the number of particles of a certain size per unit volume of air. The purification room refers to the room with no more than 100 dust and no more than 5 average colonies in the air of 1m3.Air Shower Nozzle 304 Stainless Steel Adjustable Cleanroom

How To Maintain And Manage The Industrial Clean Room

In recent years, it has been widely used in various fields (Pharmaceutical Engineering, organ transplantation, operating room, etc.), so it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of the purification room to ensure its good environment and function. We mainly carry out control management from three aspects of environmental monitoring management, operation management and personnel management, so as to make the use of purification room in medical device microbial detection more reasonable and standardized, and ensure the detection quality.Cleanroom Air Shower Specification Standards

1、 Management of environmental monitoring

The "sterile" environment of the purification room is mainly maintained by "filtration", "laminar flow" of air and "positive pressure" in the room. The control and management of environment is very important, mainly from the following aspects.

(1) It is more suitable to control the temperature and humidity of the air in the purification room at 22 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, and the humidity at 50% ~ 60%, which not only meets the human comfort, but also is not conducive to the survival of indoor microorganisms.

(2) Strengthen the management of sanitation and clean the surface and ground of the closet in the clean room should be wiped with disinfectant once a day. Thoroughly clean 1 time a week, and then clean 1 time a month. The cleaning tools used should not be made of fabric materials that use fiber. Test the number of dust particles, noise, temperature and humidity once. If necessary, increase the number of cleaning and disinfection according to the frequency of use. After each operation, ultraviolet radiation was used for disinfection for 30min.

(3) Carry out microbiological test on a regular basis, once a week. Determine maintenance procedures for test results.What Makes Air Showers So Special For Cleanrooms?

2、 Operation management

(1) Correct use of the industrial clean room: the articles in the clean room shall be placed reasonably, which is convenient for operation, and materials shall be reduced as much as possible to control the number of articles in and out.

(2) Set up strict work flow: set up strict work flow, and clearly distinguish clean and dirty areas. Develop a strict workflow.

(3) Control the cleaning quality: the clean laminar air conditioning system must be operated continuously for 24 hours for the first time, and it can only be used after the air bacteria culture is qualified twice. Open the laminar air-conditioning system 30 minutes before each entry to make the air-conditioning system operate continuously and exhaust the polluted dust particles as much as possible to ensure the air quality. Regularly assign special personnel to check the operation of air conditioning system and do a good job in maintenance. Before and after daily operation, 84 disinfectant (1:100) was used to remove dust from doors, windows and floors. The ceiling, wall and floor shall be cleaned once a week, especially the ventilation. The return air port is easy to store dust and bacteria, which shall be removed, cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent its own pollution. The primary and medium efficiency filters shall be replaced once every 6 months, and the high efficiency filters shall be replaced once every 1-2 years. The air return outlet shall be cleaned once a week to ensure the dust filtering effect.

(4) Equipment maintenance: in order to ensure constant temperature and humidity between rooms, the air conditioner shall be opened 30 minutes in advance according to the actual situation. Specially assigned person shall be responsible for checking the air conditioning display on the control panel regularly and for the maintenance of the purification air conditioning system. Clean the primary filter screen and air outlet once a week to prevent pollution. According to the results of air culture, the medium efficiency and high efficiency filter screen is generally replaced once every two years.Cleanroom Construction In Your Existing Structure

3、 Personnel management

(1) Strictly control personnel access. Minimize the number of people in and out.

(2) Strict dress management requirements. Enter the purification room to replace sterile clothes, wear shoes and hats, and wash hands strictly.

(3) Strengthen personnel training, actively carry out theoretical study, clarify working principle and environmental requirements of laminar flow purification room, and be familiar with training of basic knowledge and operation requirements. Strictly regulate personnel behavior and various operation rules and regulations.Choosing the Right Clean Room Air Shower

The air purification measures adopted in the industrial clean room are to filter and disinfect the dust ions in the air, so as to spread bacteria without carrier. Although air purification is the main contradiction, it is more important to control and manage the whole process. It is the basic guarantee and requirement to strengthen the use management of the purification room, maintain its good environment and function, and strengthen the aseptic concept and standardized management.

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