Air Shower Clean Room

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Air Showers for Cleanrooms

Using high-velocity jets of air and HEPA or ULPA air filter systems, our cleanroom air showers remove loose contaminants from people and products before they enter the cleanroom, reducing or eliminating product defects for increased yields.

Air Showers for Cleanrooms 

Cleanrooms are required to adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to prevent contamination. Coveralls and other protective gear are used to prevent outside contaminants from entering a cleanroom, but that isn’t always enough. Contaminants are easily transported by people and objects and a simple spec of lint or debris could cause issues in some cleanroom environments. Therefore, cleanroom air showers have become a vital component in maintaining the cleanliness of cleanrooms and other clean-critical environments.
For more information on Clean Air Products’ laboratory air showers, view our air shower brochure, technical documents, white papers, or read our air shower FAQs. 

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