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Clean Room Air Shower And Pass Through Basic Knowledge

Clean room air shower and pass through refers to a certain space range of air in the micro-particles, air shower and pass through can be clean room bacteria of pollutants excluded, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow speed and airflow distribution, noise and vibration and lighting, static control in a certain range of demand, and given a special design to build a clean room.What is Sterile Cleanroom Project

Clean Room Air Shower And Pass Through Basic Knowledge

The principle of clean room air shower and pass through. Clean room air shower and pass through is with HEPA, air purification equipment, its dust collection rate of 99.97~99.99995%, so the air filtered by this filter can be said to be very clean. However, in addition to air shower and pass through, there are also high efficiency filter and high efficiency air outlet in the clean room, in addition to people, there are still machines and other sources of dust, once these occurrence of dust diffusion, that is, can not maintain clean space, so we must use airflow to quickly discharge the occurrence of dust outside.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

The clean room air shower and pass through in the three dust. Dust-free clean room has three major principles: dust prohibition, with dust, dust production. air shower as one of the buffer channels into the clean room, is one of the better purification equipment to control dust carrying, it can greatly reduce the pollution problems caused by employees entering and leaving the clean room. The two doors of the air shower are electronically interlocked, which can also play the role of airlock room to prevent outside pollution and unpurified air from entering the dust-free clean area to achieve the clean production environment required by the production workshop.Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box

Clean room air shower and pass through is mainly used to control the products (such as silicon chips, etc.) in contact with the cleanliness of the atmosphere and temperature and humidity, so that the products can be produced in a good environmental space, manufacturing, this space we call clean room. According to the usual practice, the cleanliness level is mainly based on the particle diameter per cubic meter of air is greater than the number of particles to divide the air shower and pass through to reach the standard. That is to say the so-called clean room used in the air shower and pass through is not 100% without a little dust, but also need to add FFU filter unit and high efficiency air supply mouth but control on a very small amount of units. Of course, air shower and pass through this standard in line with the dust standard particles relative to our common dust is already small minuscule, but for the optical structure, even a little dust will have a very large negative impact, so in the production of optical structure products, dust-free is an inevitable requirement.

Air shower and pass through on the dust-free clean room per cubic meter will be less than 0.5 micron particle size of the number of micro-dust control in the following 3500, it reached the dust-free standard A class. At present, the dust-free standard applied to chip-level production and processing is higher than Class A. Such a high standard is mainly used in some higher-grade chip production. The number of dust is strictly controlled within 1000 per cubic meter, which is commonly known as the 1K level in the industry.

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