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Air Shower Channel Use Requirements Note

As the saying goes, the quality of the product is very important, is to see the appearance, process, details, etc., in addition to the use of function, after-sales service, etc..How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

Air Shower Channel Use Requirements Note

The air shower channel is one of the necessary purification equipment for employees to enter the clean room or clean workshop. The air shower channel circulates super-strong clean airflow internally, which can be sprayed to people from all directions by 360 length rotating nozzles, so as to effectively and quickly remove the dust, hair, hair dandruff and other debris attached to the clothes, which can minimize the pollution problems brought by employees entering and leaving the clean room.Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly

The two doors of the air shower channel are electronically interlocked, which can also play the role of airlock room to prevent outside pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area to achieve the clean production environment required by the production workshop and produce high quality products.What are the requirements for the car painting air shower room

Air shower channel use requirements note.

The air shower room is a special equipment for personal purification before the staff enters the purification area, it can blow away the dust adsorbed on the surface of the human body with high-speed airflow, so that the staff will not enter the purification area with pollution sources, and can make the purification area and non-purification area play the role of airlock. Air shower room setting and state: the air shower room must be put into use before the completion of debugging and setting, so that it maintains the automatic air shower state. Air shower room users do not need to press any key to open the door into the air shower room, the number of people each time limited to three people, the door can be closed to automatic air shower, air shower rotate the body 360 degrees, wait for the fan to stop working after the beeping sound, the inner door unlocked, the user out of the air shower room. Press the "lighting open" key to open the indoor lighting.

The microcomputer of the air shower room has a memory function for the settings made, and when the power of the air shower room is closed and the power is opened again, the air shower room is in the last setting state of the last operation. It is forbidden to change the value setting of the equipment by the first-line users, and the data change must be carried out by the professional management personnel. Prohibit users to brutally push and pull the door of the air shower room (infrared electric control lock) and damage the equipment.

If the air shower equipment is damaged due to improper use, the using department should reflect the cause of damage according to the facts and report immediately for repair. First-line employees in the use of the process found in the state of abnormal, should immediately notify the competent departments to deal with; and stop using the air shower room.

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