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ISO Standard Modular Clean Room For Pharmacy Or Laboratory

Modular Clean Room is one kind of clean room, it can quickly improve the cleanliness of the equipment. Due to low cost, convenient and flexible asembly, it is widely used in optical, electronic assembly line work, laboratories, assembly area local area purify occasions. 

ISO Standard Modular Clean Room For Pharmacy Or Laboratory

Cleanrooms are essential to any manufacturing process where particulate contamination can affect the quality of goods produced. 

Specific clean room classifications and ISO class code descriptions provide protective guidelines and secure environments through controlled air filtration, which lowers the possibility of product contamination or large particulate interference within critical process manufacturing. 

Clean Room Fabrication (Architecture), including: clean room partition wall system; clean room suspended ceiling system.

-Resistant to chemical, attack abrasion and scratches

-Panel come with steel frame four sides to avoid contamination

-High quality insulation core materials

-Pre-embedded reinforcement for the opening of light fixture and air filters.

-Pre-embedded conduit for wiring.

-Advanced design makes all connection smooth, flush and cleanable

-Easy and fast installation system

-Finishing Surface can be flush connection as required.

-Strong walkable ceiling/ false ceiling

ISO Standard Modular Clean Room For Pharmacy Or Laboratory


Modular wall and ceiling sandwich panel for china modular clean room turnkey for pharmaceutical factory

Machine –made economical sandwich panel

-Hand-made modular sandwich panel


- Pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI) skin

-304S.S skin

-HPL(Melamine high pressure laminate) skin

-Core insulation material:

-EPS(Expanded polystyrene)

-PUF (Polyurethane foam)

-Rock wool (mineral wool)

-Paper or aluminum honeycomb

-With magnesium gypsum board

Kwang Modular Clean Room has a first-class engineering design team to work from initial engineering design, further optimize the drawings according to practical construction experience, and even customize for clients. In the whole construction process, strictly follows 4Q standard to monitor all construction nodes, applies 3 level control from plant construction to completion and uses advanced equipment to precisely test the later project. 

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