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Single Person Double Blowing Air Shower Room

Air showers room are a tool that allows for people and/or objects to enter a clean area without bringing in unwanted contaminants such as dust and bacteria. Air showers act as a sort of buffer or air lock between two areas of varying cleanliness, and preserve the air quality of a dynamic clean environment. Due to their usefulness and simplicity, air showers are a critical component of modern-day cleanroom facilities.

Single Person Double Blowing Air Shower Room

Single Person Air Shower Working Principle:

The ambient air passes through the air filter and is pressed into the static pressure box by a dedicated fan to blow out a high-speed clean air flow from the air outlet surface. The clean air flow is sprayed onto the person/goods at high speed by the rotatable nozzle, effectively and quickly eliminating the attachment to the clothes Or dust particles on the cargo.

Single Person Air Shower Structural characteristics:

1) Special design is adopted for the internal air duct to ensure the high-strength wind speed of the air outlet.

2) Adopt digital display, the wind shower time can be adjusted, and display the wind shower time.

3) Clean air is designed for internal circulation to ensure cleanliness.

4) Configure the control system as a voice intelligent control system, according to different application places, divided into manual, semi-automatic, automatic and other control types.

Type: Single Person Air Shower Specification:

˙Outside Dimension (mm):1400W×1000D ×2100H

˙Dimension of Air Shower Area (mm):800W×900D×1960H

˙Applicable Number of People:1 person

˙Materials: All Full Set Stainless SUS304 or coated cold rolled steel

˙Number of Nozzle:12(Two Sides) Stainless Steel 304 

˙Mouth Diameter of Nozzle:Φ30mm

˙Control panel:sus304 frame,LCD display, PLC control system

˙Speed of Air Flow at the Nozzle:>28m/s

˙Dimension of High Efficiency Air Filter (mm):600×600 ×120

˙Lock:Electronic Interlock,two door can't open at the same time.

˙Pre-Filter:600*350*10(mm),2PCs,synthetic fiber with aluminum

˙HEPA Filter:2PCs,600*600*120(mm),

˙FAN:2PCs,Power:0.55KW, Air Volume:1000/PCS,Air Pressure:1200Pa

˙LAMP:1PCs LED light,Power:1*7W.

˙Shower Time:0-99s adjustment

˙HEPA Filter Efficiency:H13,99.995%@0.38um.

˙Maximum Power Consumption:1.1KW

˙Voltage ˙available:380VAC / 5Phase,50HZ(can make other standard voltage)

Air shower has other names ,such as clean air shower, cleanroom air shower, interlock air shower,cleaning air shower,buffer room,air shower room. Kwang Purification is proud to offer examples of a variety of our air shower projects below. Stainless Steel Air Shower, Cargo Air Shower, Automatic Door Air Shower, Corner Air Shower, Multi User Stainless Steel Air Shower, Air Shower With Sole Cleaning System.

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