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Need an Explosion-proof Air Shower Room?

Many air shower sales staff in the same industry have been selling for several years, and they are quite familiar with the products of the air shower room. However, when customers inquire about the explosion-proof air shower room, the sales staff are also vague, unclear, and unable to answer the customer in detail. Demand. Because they don’t know the real meaning of the explosion-proof level, they don’t know what the specific requirements of the explosion-proof air shower room are? Which industries really need explosion-proof air showers? Why use explosion-proof air showers in the production workshop of the factory? Then let's first understand the requirements of the explosion-proof environment.

Explosion-proof Air Shower

Many people in the industry often say that the explosion-proof grade is BT4. This name is confusing for people to understand its meaning. The professional should be IIBT4. The complete explosion-proof mark format:

Ex (ia) II B T4 

Ex: It is the mark of explosion-proof electrical products; 

ia: Intrinsically safe electrical products that can be applied to Zone One and Zone Two; ia level: Electrical equipment that cannot ignite explosive gas mixtures during normal operation, one failure and two failures. ib level: electrical equipment that cannot ignite explosive gas mixtures during normal operation and a failure.

II: Indicates non-mining (factory use, non-methane) explosive gas environment. When labeling, this II is indispensable. (I means mining and methane gas, and III means explosive dust environment. The three are completely independent and do not cover each other.) 

B: Gas classification (formal experiments are performed on different non-mining gases, and explosive gases are divided into three groups: A, B, and C according to the two parameters of maximum explosion-proof gap and minimum ignition current. Group A is the least explosive, and Group C is the most Easy to explode, group B is in the middle. Most common gases are group A or group B, only a few gases such as hydrogen belong to group C. Equipment suitable for group C gases can be used for explosion-proof groups A, B, and C, and suitable for group B The equipment can be used for explosion-proof groups A and B, and equipment suitable for gas of group A can only be used for group A) 

T4: temperature group (different waste mine gases are grouped according to their ignition point, T1 to T6. T6 is a gas with an ignition point of 85-100℃, T5 is a gas with a temperature of 100-135℃, and T4 is a gas with a temperature of 135-200℃ , And the rest can be checked online. The larger the temperature group number, the lower the corresponding gas ignition point, and the higher the requirements for the equipment. If a device is marked as T4, it means that it can be at T4 and the ignition point is higher than T4 Safe operation in an explosive atmosphere. In other words, the maximum temperature of the equipment during operation (different explosion-proof types are measured at different locations according to specifications, generally speaking, the highest temperature point on the entire equipment shell) is not higher than 135°C.

IIB T4 is the most common explosion-proof level requirement, which meets more than 80% of the explosion-proof requirements. However, it needs to be analyzed in detail, and IIB T4 equipment cannot be used in an environment with hydrogen. The gas classification and temperature group have a great influence on the cost of the equipment. It is necessary to seek truth from facts when designing. The standards should be set according to the actual gas and referring to the design manual. It is neither casually reduced nor casually increased. Especially for the temperature group, for example, for the gas of the T5 group, it is not necessary to use T4 equipment. Blind use of high-temperature equipment does not bring about a safer effect, but only increases the cost.

Explosion-proof Air Shower (2)

After a dust explosion accident occurred in an electronic factory in Shanghai Jinshan, recently, a nationwide production safety inspection and regulation have been carried out. In some enterprise workshops, especially workshops with explosion-proof requirements, explosion-proof air showers must be used to ensure the safety and smoothness of frequent entrances and exits. 

The meaning of explosion-proof signs and the rules that should be paid attention to for explosion-proof electrical appliances Generally in a flammable gas environment, When using electrical products, explosion-proof products must be used.

The shell of explosion-proof products generally has the following signs, and the specific meanings are as follows:

① Explosion-proof mark of China and International Electrotechnical Commission

② Flameproof type

③ Electrical equipment except for coal mines and underground use

④ According to the maximum experimental safety gap or the minimum ignition current of the explosive gas environment, it is divided into three levels ABC

⑤ Divided into six groups from T1 to T6 according to the highest surface temperature of the equipment

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