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Money And Time Saving Cleanroom Design

Cleanroom Design is incredibly complex. Without the right amount of planning when building one, you can encounter one time and money-sucking challenge after another. You can’t just think about your needs now, but also in the future. Situations like expansion, repairs, and upgrades can be an enormous headache if you’re not set up for it when the time comes for change. When you’re cleanroom design, here are 5 characteristics you want to ensure it has to avoid costly, time-consuming obstacles.

Money And Time Saving Cleanroom Design

Located on the first floor. Everything you want to build, install, or renovate requires access to the room, and the easier you make that, the faster it will get done. Additionally, the first floor is ideal when you look at all the HVAC and other necessary equipment – you need room for everything, and you need space in the correct location within the room.

Your clear height should be at least 10 feet. Another reason for a first-floor location, you need to ensure that you have enough space in the room for all the equipment. In some cases, those are large units needed for manufacturing, and in others, proper air and temperature control systems.

Provide enough HVAC capacity to accommodate necessary airflow. This is not a measure you want to have to compensate for later when you find out your system is not sufficient for your compliance. Pay close attention to what you need and might need so that you are set up for a smooth operation.

Ensure there is sufficient electrical amperage to operate the air handlers. If your electrical system is compromised, so is your entire operation. Check what you have and what you need before committing to a location.

Check that the building’s roof can handle any existing and new HVAC handlers. As you can imagine, you never want to find out that your roof can’t support your critical equipment. Choosing the right location is a total evaluation from top to bottom.

Throughout your process of building and running your cleanroom, you will need certification and validation. These services are paramount to your success. To ensure that you continue to thrive, contact Kwang Purification. We provide expert cleanroom services, including validation, certification, and construction.

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