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Cleanroom Design Considerations

Cleanroom Design Requirements

1. Food factories with cleanrooms should avoid pollution sources, cross-contamination, mixing, and errors to the greatest extent during site selection, design, layout, construction and transformation.

2. The factory area is clean and tidy, with reasonable flow of people and logistics.

3. Appropriate access control measures should be in place to prevent unauthorized persons from entering.

4. Keep construction and completion information

5. Buildings with serious air pollution during the production process should be built on the downwind side of the factory area wih the largest wind direction throughout the year.

6. When the production processes that affect each other should not be located in the same building, effective isolation measures should be provided between each production area. The production of fermented products should have a special fermentation workshop.

Cleanroom Design Considerations

Cleanroom Construction Requirements

1. There are requirements for sterility but terminal sterilization is not possible. Although terminal sterilization can be achieved, the aseptic operation after sterilization should be carried out in a cleanroom.

2. A cleanroom with good hygienic production environment requirements should include perishable food, ready-to-eat semi-finished products or finished products, storage and treatment sites before final cooling or packaging, raw material pretreatment, product sealing and molding sites, etc. After final sterilization of the products The exposed environment, the inner packaging material preparation area and inner packaging room, as well as food production processing and handling places and inspection rooms to improve food characteristics or preservation.

3. Reasonably arrange the production process of the workshop and the corresponding clean room level requirements. The layout of the production line should not cause round trips and discontinuities.

4. Different modular cleanrooms connected to each other in the production area should meet the requirements of variety and technology. If necessary, pass-boxes and other measures should be provided to prevent cross contamination. The area of the buffer room should not be less than 3 square meters.

5. Do not use the same clean area for raw material pretreatment and finished product production.

6. In the production cleanroom, designate areas and spaces suitable for production scale as temporary storage areas for raw materials, intermediate products, inspected products, and finished products, and strictly prevent crossover, confusion and pollution.

7. The inspection room should be set up independently, and appropriate exhaust and drainage measures should be taken. If clean air is required during product inspection, a clean bench should be provided.

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