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Modular Air Shower Designs Configurations

Modular air shower designs and configurations accommodate specific requirements for industry, as well as the number of personnel using the cleanroom. Modular cleanroom entry systems also simplify shipping and assembly.

Modular Modular Air Shower Configurations

A straight-through modular air shower with nozzles on two opposing walls cleans workers with ease. In a 90-degree design, users enter on one side and exit to the right or left at a 90-degree angle. This configuration has fewer air nozzles 

than the straight-through modular design and requires the worker to turn 360 degrees to ensure sufficient cleaning. Other designs may have double doors or even three doors for entry and exit. Configurations include cart/parts-cleaning air showers, which are used for carts, conveyors, pallets and continuous-part operation. Low-profile air showers accommodate facilities with ceilings less than 96 inches. 

Kwang modular air showers are sized so a wheelchair can turn around in the air shower.

The number of people that need to enter your cleanroom in a given amount of time will have a major impact on the size of the air shower. Designs range from single batch systems where one person uses the shower at a time, to tunnel systems for larger groups to pass through quickly. 

Tunnels are becoming more common because of the amount of cycle time needed for a shift change.

Air Shower Doors

Access to the cleanroom must be controlled. Select a design with the appropriate air shower and cleanroom door interlocks.

Like air locks, air showers have entrance and exit doors that cannot be opened at the same time. Workers enter one side and exit on the opposite side. When one door opens, the other door’s magnet energizes, preventing it from opening. During the cleaning cycle, both doors are energized (locked) to prevent anyone entering or leaving before the cycle is completed.

Air Shower Materials

High-quality air shower shells are constructed of steel and painted with a strong, durable cleanroom-compatible finish. For some medical, pharmaceutical, or extremely wet environments, stainless steel construction is ideal.

Some manufacturers offer economy units made of laminated particleboard. This option has major weaknesses, though. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause delamination. The materials are easy to damage and susceptible to joint loosening. Any of these conditions may generate particulate or biological contamination.

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