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Automatic Air Shower Pass Box With Air Shower Used For Food Factory

Pass box with air shower is a clean equipment of a clean room, mainly used to deliver small objects between clean area and clean area , unclean area and clean area . In order to reduce doors opening times of clean room, to reduce the pollution of the clean area.

Automatic Air Shower Pass Box With Air Shower Used For Food Factory

Air shower pass box is high efficiency filter and fan built-in in normal pass box.

It is suitable for cargo transfer from clean areas to unclean areas or from low clean areas to high clean areas. It is equipped with blower fan, nozzles HEPA filter and PRE filter to make a clean airflow to remove the dust from goods, to make the cleanliness of clean room. It will blowing automatically when put goods into pass box inside.

Air Shower Pass Box Features:

1. Material: It adopts high quality cold rolled steel with white powder coated for outside, stainless steel for inside, it can also choose all stainless steel for main body, Acrylic sheet is for the windows.

2. Blower fan: 1 sets (AC380V/50HZ/3PH, or AC220V/50HZ/1PH)

3. HEPA filter: 1 PCS, efficiency: 99.99% at 0.3um

4. PRE filter: 1 PCS, class: G3

5. Lock type: Mechanical interlocked or electric interlocked

Air Shower Pass Box Application

It mainly applied to the goods transit between the clean and non-clean areas, preventing the outside dust particles from coming into the clean area due to air circulation.

The possible pollution to clean room can be minimized, so the cleanliness of the clean room can be maintained.

Air Shower Pass Box Usage Procedures

Pass boxes should be designed to meet the cleanliness level of the cleaner of the two areas that they connect. For example, if a pass box connects a printing room (FS209E 100,000 / ISO 8) and a packaging room (FS209E 10,000 / ISO 6) at a pharmaceutical plant, the pass box should meet 10,000-level (ISO 6) standards. Furthermore, personnel from the clean area should be responsible for cleaning the pass box and sterilizing it with the UV light for 30 minutes per day at the end of the shift.

(1)   The channels for  goods and personnel to enter/exit the cleanroom should be clearly separated--both physically and with an adequate amount of signs indicating the purpose of each passage.

(2)  When using a cleanroom pass box personnel must strictly adhere to the "one door at a time" rule. That is, both doors cannot be open at the same time in order to avoid cleanroom contamination. Only when the door on the opposite side has been sealed can the door on the other side be opened.

(3)  When items leave the cleanroom via the pass box, they should be moved to their next process destination or to a buffer area in a timely fashion.

(4)  Any waste or potential contaminants should have a dedicated channel by which they should be transported out of the clean area.

(5)  Remember to regularly clean and sanitize your pass box and related areas on a regular basis.

Kwang Purification is proud to offer examples of a variety of our cleanroom Pass Box below Static Pass Box Dynamic Pass Box Stainless Steel Pass Box Electric Interlock Pass Box.

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