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Air Shower Cleanroom Material

How to choose the material of the air shower room in the dust-free cleanroom? The air shower room in the dust-free cleanroom mainly depends on the requirements of the company to choose the material. The material of the air shower room includes cold-rolled steel plate paint, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.

Type-3000 Steel Air Shower Cleanroom

Application, for example, food clean room and electronic clean room must choose all stainless steel air shower room. The clean room chooses to purify the air shower room with good effect. The main function of the purifying air shower room is to remove the dust on the human body through a certain wind speed to achieve the purification effect, and the other function is to act as a buffer channel; According to scientific basis, the wind speed for better removal of dust particles is between 25-30m/S;

Application of air shower room in high-standard food cleanroom:

The planning of high-standard food production workshops generally refers to the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry, and takes the ISO9001 international quality system as the purpose, and strictly follows the national "Clean Plant Design Specification" for program design and organization of construction. The isolation and protection of different clean room environments, reasonable flow of people, logistics channels, door opening and closing directions, air showers, "Zijing" brand transfer windows, security doors and other small links are all formulated in the plan. Program.

In addition, the dust-free production workshop reaches a purification standard of 100,000 or above, which can effectively improve the safety and stability of the product. The GMP standard is a general specification for the pharmaceutical industry and is now applied to the food industry. It embodies the company's business philosophy that food safety is the first priority and the health needs of consumers are the top priority.

Safety protection instructions for dust-free workshops:

1. Before entering, go through the security check and enter the dressing room. In the dressing room, follow the steps and wear masks, hair caps, electrostatic bracelets, latex gloves, clean clothes and clean shoes. 2. After wearing, the whole body should be wrapped tightly except for the eyes. Before entering the workshop, you must pass through the air shower. The number of people entering each time is determined according to the conditions of the air shower. When you go to the bathroom, the steps to wash your hands are also very particular. First wash with clean water, then wash with alcohol, then rinse with clean water, and dry before entering the workshop.

3. The clean room is a constant temperature and humidity space, around 22°C throughout the year, part of the day and night lights are on during operation.

As long as the above points can be achieved, a high-standard food dust-free workshop can be achieved, and related regulations will be issued in the near future, which I believe will be very similar to the GMP regulations; To sum up: No matter how high the standard clean room is, the air shower room is inseparable, which shows the importance of the air shower room to the clean room!

The requirements of the air shower room in the electronics industry:

The role of the air shower in the electronic food industry is the necessary passage for people to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean room. The requirements for using the air shower room in the electronic food industry must choose the material;

1. The air shower room of cold plate baking paint (also called cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying spcc) is more cost-effective, but the production cycle time is relatively long, and the price is relatively favorable.

2. The air shower room made of stainless steel (sus) 201 material is relatively moderate in price, and the production cycle time is short, and the customer accepts a relatively wide range;

3. The air shower room made of stainless steel (sus) 304 material is relatively expensive, but the production cycle time is short. The specific location depends on the customer's requirements; it is recommended to refer to (all stainless steel air shower room) cold plate baking paint air shower room electronics What are the requirements of the food industry for clean room purification in dust-free workshops?

The electronic industry requires air showers, clean sheds, FFU purification units, high-efficiency filters, high-efficiency air outlets, and transfer windows for clean room purification requirements of dust-free workshops. If these equipment are not equipped, your requirements are up to the standard.

The air shower room is one of the indispensable equipment in the electronic industry processing cleanroom. The air shower room is the most widely used in the electronic industry. How can the production workshop improve the production environment and improve the production quality requirements of SMT patches. 

A very important step is to improve the SMT patch production workshop, where the air shower room plays a very important role. When we need to enter the SMT patch workshop, we need to pass the air shower room.

Before everyone enters the SMT workshop, remove the dust particles on the whole body, remove the static electricity carried by people, effective purification effect and anti-static, thereby increasing the service life of the SMT equipment and the production efficiency of the equipment, and improving the straight-through rate of SMT patch processing. In addition to dust removal, the main function of this air shower room is to serve as a buffer area for clean workshops and ordinary workshops. 

The air shower room is the necessary dust removal and purification equipment for various product processing dust removal and filtration equipment, meat and vegetables, quick-frozen food, cakes, beverages, cans and other food manufacturers. When personnel change clothes, clean hands and feet, and enter the production workshop through the air shower room, the air shower room passes through the primary and high efficiency filter and uses a strong and clean airflow to remove dust, dander and other dust attached to the personnel materials, ensuring that The work site meets strict sanitary requirements. Users can increase or type and shorten them according to their own needs. The equipment has various types of automatic and manual. All stainless steel air shower.

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