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What are the advantages of clean door?

The clean door has high precision and reliable quality, the door frame and door panel are made in a continuous system, the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, the whole door and door frame can not see the seams, welding points, dead corners, the whole is flat, smooth, easy to clean, no accumulation of dust. 

The door uses high rubber seals on three sides and automatic lifting bottom strip at the bottom, which is airtight and effectively ensures the purification effect of the room. The window is surrounded by double-layer tempered glass with a 2cm black edge around it, and the glass is flush with the surface of the door panel, which is sealed, strong and beautiful. The thickness of the door panel is 5Omm, and the core material is made of high-strength flame retardant paper honeycomb charging, which fully meets the fireproof requirements of purification workshop Hardware accessories use excellent separating body fireproof door lock, excellent stainless steel closing cabinet and lock latch, durable.

What are the advantages of clean door?

What are the advantages of clean door?

1. Steel clean door is designed and produced to meet the requirements of clean factory internal door cleaning, easy disinfection and no dead angle

2. Clean door adopts wall type door frame, color steel plate or stainless steel door pair, the overall performance of the product is good.

3. Friction to the ground is reduced, easy to open the door, noise is reduced, and the sealing is good.

4. The advantages of clean door are beautiful appearance, flat, high strength, corrosion resistance, no dust accumulation, easy to clean, easy and fast installation.

5. Clean open door: single door is divided into left open, right open. Double doors are divided into internal open and external open. Additional observation windows and adjustable ventilation holes can be installed separately.

6. Clean door can be produced with purified fire door etc. because of its different materials.

The high-quality clean room door produced by Wuxi Kwang Purification is widely used in workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other clean places.

It has the characteristics of smooth outer surface, high structural strength, corrosion resistance, dust-free, easy cleaning and so on. The most important thing is to facilitate your engineering installation. 

There are steel clean room door, aluminum clean room door, stainless steel clean room door three different materials to choose from, size can be customized.

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