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What Does The Air Shower Room Do?

In front of the production workshop or operating room, there will be a "small house", people must enter the "small house" inside and blow a gust of wind before they can officially enter the production workshop or operating room. This "small house" is a common equipment in purification engineering: air shower room.


When people in the air shower room, not simply "blowing wind", the air shower room to first filter the air clean, and then according to the specific time, angle, strength, etc. blow to the human body, after the removal of dust particles and then through the filter absorption filter, so the cycle repeatedly, to protect clean.The air shower can be roughly divided into stainless steel air showerCargo Air ShowerAutomatic Door Air ShowerCorner Air ShowerMulti User Stainless Steel Air Shower.

What should be the wind speed of the air shower room?

Generally speaking, the wind speed of the air shower room should reach more than 20m/s in order to blow off the particles attached to the clothes and achieve a better effect, which is equivalent to the wind speed that can blow up the dust on the ground and the paper and the twigs of the tree moving slightly, which is similar to the low-grade wind speed of the hair dryer used everyday. Air shower room blowing angle also has specific requirements, like the usual laundry, must be hand-rubbed clothes, in order to cause the vibration of the clothes, airflow is best to blow to the surface of the clothes at a certain angle, and this angle is usually 30 degrees -60 degrees. This angle has a good blowing effect for the interstices attached to the fabric, or the dust with strong adhesion on the surface.

The degree of automation of the air shower room is very high, the operation is simple, there is the use of infrared induction technology, from the non-clean area to enter, after closing the door infrared induction of someone on the blowing shower, blowing shower after the entrance lock, only from the door out of the air shower room, the two doors electronically interlocked, can also play the role of the airlock room, to prevent outside pollution and unpurified air into the clean area.


Simply put, the air shower room is the first barrier of the purification project, the first line of defense to block viruses and bacteria from entering the clean room. When we enjoy delicious food and use electronic devices, how can we forget the role of the clean environment created by the air shower room?

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