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Cleanroom Maintenance Management Specifications

A cleanroom is the foundation of pollution control. It is a room with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and devices. In the silicon wafer manufacturing chain with extremely high cleanroom, it is necessary to have a pollution-free environment and ultra-clean workshop for normal mass production of silicon wafer parts.

Cleanroom Maintenance Management Specifications

The development of cleanrooms in China started relatively late compared with foreign countries. In the past two decades, with more and more foreign companies running or joint ventures in China, some high-tech requirements for the production environment have been improved. In order to enhance competitiveness, various industries also began to pursue the quality of cleanrooms.

Correct and reasonable design is the premise to ensure the stable operation of the cleanroom. In actual use, incorrect maintenance operation and non-standard management will reduce the air cleanliness of the cleanroom, causing the cleanroom index to fail to meet the requirements. Therefore, correct and scientific cleanroom specifications are very important, and this should be improved from all aspects.

Personnel control

After analysis, 80% of the micro pollution in the cleanroom is brought by the staff. When staff in and out of the cleanroom there is a significant increase in dust, cleanliness immediately deteriorated. Therefore, before the staff enter the cleanroom, they should clean and wipe the dust, and the enterprise should also train the staff, and formulate the corresponding cleanroom specifications and systems.

Item management

Workers will bring dust, so all materials and equipment will also affect the cleanroom cleaning. Ensure that no particulates or microorganisms are brought into the room during the entry of logistics and equipment. Staff should wear clean clothes in cleanroom and wipe materials and equipment with dust-free paper. When handling, it is also necessary to cover the floor with stainless steel plates that have been cleaned to prevent the destruction of the floor.

Regular inspection

For all kinds of equipment in the cleanroom, after dust-free entering the room, it is also necessary to clean and sterilize frequently, and check regularly to prevent the generation, reproduction and retention of dust particles and microorganisms in the cleanroom.

System construction and maintenance

In addition to preventing the entry of fine dust, the cleanroom should also be set up with various equipment and facilities such as purification air conditioning system, water and electricity system, production process equipment, to ensure that the air cleanliness level of the cleanroom meets the requirements of the product production process. In the normal operation of the system, maintenance is also essential. For example, whether the air filter is dredged normally, whether the gasket is firm, whether the operation of the blower bearing is in a normal state. Each item affects the operation of the system and cannot be omitted.

First of all, the dust-free workshop can distribute the clean air flow to the whole clean area as soon as possible, and then dilute the dust, bacteria and air pollution blocked by indoor pollution sources, so as to achieve the cleanliness required by the production environment.

Not only that, dust-free workshop can also discharge the pollution source as soon as possible in the room, reduce the residence time of dust and bacteria in the room, reduce the chance of unclean substances and products contact.

Dust-free workshop refers to the control of the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere to which products (such as silicon wafers) are exposed, so that products can be produced and manufactured in a good environment. The design and construction process of this environmental space can be called purification engineering.

In view of the humidification problem of dust-free workshop purification air conditioning system, there are many common humidification methods, including water spraying, wet film, high pressure spray ultrasonic water humidification. These humidification methods belong to the constant enthalpy humidification process.

However, jet steam, jet dry steam and electrode (electric heating) humidification is the injection of steam into the air supply of an air conditioner by an isothermal humidification process.

At present, dust-free workshop ranks the highest in the aerospace cabin, basically belongs to the first class, which belongs to the relatively small area of the special field.

In addition, biochemical laboratories and high-precision nanomaterials production workshops have higher requirements for grade. The development of iot chips will be the main direction of future demand.

Cleanroom can also consider the requirements of air conditioning, such as indoor temperature and humidity uniformity and staff comfort requirements.

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