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Safety Recommendations for Your Roll-Up Doors

Do you and your workers are aware that a commercial garage door or industrial door can weigh more than half of a ton?  That is the reason why sometimes roll-up doors can fail unexpectedly, endangering our workers. Can you imagine the potential risk if this event ever occurred and hit one of your workers?  Under normal operation, these doors operate smoothly, making hardly any noise which is why most workers may not realize the menace that a failed door represents.

Consequence Of Not Giving a Proper Maintenance To Your Roll-Up Doors

Investigations have been made by the Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security (E.H.S.S.), stating that accidents were caused because preventive maintenance had not been performed in the schedule recommended by the manufacturer or in due time. Although accidents occur also as a result of continuous use and age, most can be prevented by giving proper maintenance to your commercial or industrial rolling doors.

This is an example of a door with no maintenance. Hopefully, this will make you realize the importance of a planned maintenance plan for your commercial doors so that nothing goes wrong.

Commercial Garage Door Fail

What could happen if you don't give preventive maintenance to commercial or industrial doors?

- As the door ascends from the top of the frame, the drive chain could jump the sprocket, allowing the door to free-fall close.

- The drive sprocket could disengage from the shaft, allowing the door to free-fall close.

- Without proper maintenance, sometimes the motor of your commercial door can keep working even after the door has been fully opened or fully close.

- As the door ascends from the top of the frame, the drive chain could jump the sprocket, allowing the door to free-fall close.

Due to their high weight and design, roll-up doors require frequent evaluation to avoid not only malfunctioning but prevent an accident and possible injuries to any member of your staff or even you.

Regular inspections and maintenance plans are vital for your commercial garage doors, and it has to be taken into consideration adequate funding to support it, and workers’ continual situational awareness.

Additional Safety Recommendations for Your Roll-Up Doors

For the safe operation of roll-up doors, here you will find some recommendations given by the Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security (E.H.S.S.):

1. Have a preventive maintenance plan schedule all the time.

2. Use the following steps to train your workers so they are aware of the possible hazards:              

2.1  Use a personnel door instead of walking under a raised door every time possible.

2.2  Keep the door in full view and free of obstructions while operating.

2.3  Wait until the door has stopped moving, and do not stand or walk under a moving door.

2.4  Be cautious when walking or using equipment under or near a roll-up door stopped in the up position.

2.5 Raise roll-up doors to the fully open position (this allows the door to travel to its upper limits and also allows the spring to counterbalance the door and hold it in position).

3. Only trained door technicians should install, adjust or perform maintenance to your roll-up doors.

How Often Should Preventative Maintenance Be Scheduled?

Some roll-up doors require preventive maintenance monthly, while others could be done every three to six months. The frequency will vary according to the conditions under which the door regularly operates and depending on the climate as well.

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