Where Can I Get A Quotation For An Air Shower?

An air shower is a type of equipment used to blow off excess particles from personnel, removing dust and debris before entering cleanroom environments. Air showers utilize high velocity air nozzles to dislodge particles from clothing and exposed body parts through turbulence. They are common in manufacturing facilities, research labs, healthcare settings and other places requiring contaminant control.

Why Get Quotes from Multiple Vendors

When looking to purchase an air shower for your facility, it is wise to get quotes from more than one vendor before making a decision. Here are some key reasons why:

Pricing - Quotes will vary from vendor to vendor. Getting multiple quotes allows you to compare and potentially save money.

Features - Different air showers may have unique features and capabilities. Reviewing several quotes lets you find the optimal features for your needs.

Lead Times - Supply availability and production schedules can impact lead times. Checking with several suppliers gives flexibility if timing is important.

Credibility - Comparing quotes indicates you've done due diligence in selecting the best solution.

Key Factors That Impact Air Shower Cost

Several variables influence the overall cost of an air shower including:

Size and dimensions

Construction materials (stainless steel, aluminum, etc)

Airflow velocity and filtration level

Type and number of nozzles

Control panel and programming capabilities

Options like lighting, ramps, interlocks, etc.

Your air shower provider will take these specifications into account when developing a quotation.

Research Air Shower Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are air shower providers at the global, national and local levels to evaluate. Casting a wide net increases your chances of getting competitive pricing.

Global Manufacturers

Major corporations that design, engineer and build air showers with international availability include:

Terra Universal




Kwang Purification

Kimberly Clark

Local Distributors

Don't overlook smaller specialized distributors in your specific metro area. They can provide product knowledge and service tailored to your facility.

Request Quotes from At Least 3 Companies

Reach out to a mix of manufacturers, national suppliers and local distributors when requesting quotations. Provide each with your facility specifications and requirements.

Compare Based on Price

Pricing will likely vary across the different companies depending on product lines and distribution models. Compare bottom line costs including equipment purchase price, expected shipping fees, necessary installation and any other costs identified.

Compare Based on Features

Review the features of each quoted air shower model paying close attention to factors like:

Airflow velocity - Higher speed increases particle removal

Filtration - HEPA and ULPA filters provide cleaner air

Cycle time - Faster cycle improves throughput

Construction - Stainless steel lasts longer than aluminum

Ensure the features match your facility's needs.

Compare Based on Delivery Timeframe

Ask each vendor for an estimated lead time and delivery schedule. This allows you to align equipment acquisition with operational timelines and openings.

Questions to Ask When Getting a Quote

Some key questions to ask potential air shower vendors include:

What installation is included?

Understand if installation is provided or has to be arranged separately. Installation assistance can simplify getting the equipment operational.

What is the lead time?

Confirm the estimated lead time for delivery. Also inquire if expedited delivery is possible if needed sooner.

What certifications do they have?

Reputable air shower companies should have certifications like:

ISO Certification

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides globally recognized quality management standards. ISO 9001 certification indicates a strong quality system.

NSF Certification

The NSF mark demonstrates equipment meets sanitation and operational safety requirements.

Review the Quotes Thoroughly Before Deciding

Once quotes are received, review all details carefully before selecting a vendor.

Make sure you understand all costs

Don't just look at the equipment price - factor in ancillary costs like shipping, installation, training, etc. for the total expenditure.

Make sure it matches your requirements

Confirm the air shower specifications match the needs of your facility before committing.

Air Shower Quotation Conclusion

Getting quotes from multiple vendors allows you to find the best air shower solution balancing price, features, and delivery. Evaluating global, national and local providers gives you sourcing flexibility. Provide detailed requirements and compare quotes on total cost, capabilities, certifications, and lead times before selecting the ideal air shower for your cleanroom.

Air Shower Quotation FAQs

Q: What information is needed when requesting a quote?

A: Provide details like facility size cleanroom classification required airflow, throughput, construction preferences, and options. The more details you can give, the more accurate the quote.

Q: Who will install the air shower?

A: Some vendors provide turnkey installation services. Otherwise, you will need to coordinate electricians and contractors. Clarify this when comparing quotes.

Q: Should I get quotes from used equipment dealers?

A: You can, just ensure used models meet certifications and have service records. Evaluate warranty coverage too.

Q: What questions should I ask references?

A: Inquire about equipment reliability, maintenance needs, vendor service levels, training, and whether expectations were met.

Q: Can I negotiate pricing with vendors?

A: Yes, pricing is often negotiable - especially if purchasing multiple units. Ask about available discounts.

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