Why Get Quotes from Multiple Vendors

Where Can I Get A Quotation For An Air Shower?

An air shower is a type of equipment used to blow off excess particles from personnel, removing dust and debris before entering cleanroom environments. Air showers utilize high velocity air nozzles to dislodge particles from clothing and exposed body parts through turbulence. They are common in manufacturing facilities, research labs, healthcare settings and other places requiring contaminant control.

When looking to purchase an air shower for your facility, it is wise to get quotes from more than one vendor before making a decision. Here are some key reasons why:

Pricing - Quotes will vary from vendor to vendor. Getting multiple quotes allows you to compare and potentially save money.

Features - Different air showers may have unique features and capabilities. Reviewing several quotes lets you find the optimal features for your needs.

Lead Times - Supply availability and production schedules can impact lead times. Checking with several suppliers gives flexibility if timing is important.

Credibility - Comparing quotes indicates you've done due diligence in selecting the best solution.

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