The Role of Air Showers in Contamination Control

Are There Specific Standards For Air Showers?

Air showers play a crucial role in various industries, from pharmaceuticals to electronics, by maintaining a controlled environment and ensuring that contaminants are kept at bay. These specialized devices are designed to remove particles from people and objects entering cleanroom facilities. But, are there specific standards for air showers? In this article, we will delve into the world of air showers, exploring their importance and the standards that govern their design and use.

Air showers are pivotal in contamination control and prevention, specifically in cleanroom environments. These enclosed, self-contained chambers serve as a buffer zone between the outside world and the cleanroom itself. When a person or an object enters the air shower high-velocity, filtered air is released from strategically positioned nozzles, removing particles from the surface. This helps in maintaining the pristine conditions of the cleanroom.

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