Key Components of Air Showers

How Are Air Showers Produced?

Overview of Air Shower Function and Purpose

Air showers are an important piece of equipment used to remove contaminants from personnel, equipment, and materials before they enter cleanrooms or other controlled environments.

Removing Contaminants from Personnel and Items

Powerful directed jets of air dislodge dust, dirt, lint and other debris from the surfaces of people and objects passing through the enclosure.

Preventing Contamination in Cleanrooms and Controlled Areas

By removing contaminants air showers help prevent the introduction of particles, microbes, or chemicals that could adulterate sensitive spaces.

Several main components make up air shower systems:

Enclosure Structure

The outer shell or body houses the internal components. Usually constructed from stainless steel or aluminum.

Filtration Systems

Multi-stage filtration cleans and recirculates air, removing incoming particles.

Fans and Motors

Powerful fan motors generate the required high velocity airflows.

Air Nozzles

Strategically placed nozzles direct focused air jets over personnel and items.

Control Panel

Houses controls, timers, indicators, and integration interfaces.

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