Considerations When Selecting Goods Air Showers

What Is A Goods Air Shower?

A goods air shower is a type of air purification system designed specifically for decontaminating items, materials and products - rather than personnel. Goods air showers utilize filtered air to remove dust, debris and particulates from the surfaces of materials being conveyed through the unit.

Determine several factors when choosing the right goods air shower:

Item Sizes and Throughput

The dimensions must accommodate your largest items and throughput volumes.

Level of Filtration Needed

The type of filter used impacts the cleaning level achieved.

Integration with Conveyors

Ensure proper sizing and interfacing for smooth conveying through the unit.

Operational Best Practices

Follow these practices when using goods air showers:

Appropriate Loading and Positioning

Load items in center of conveyor and evenly spaced.

Routine Maintenance

Change filters regularly. Keep nozzles and conveyors clear of debris buildup.

Monitoring Effectiveness

Use visual inspection or microbiological testing to verify cleanliness levels.

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