Goods Air Shower FAQs

What Is A Goods Air Shower?

A goods air shower is a type of air purification system designed specifically for decontaminating items, materials and products - rather than personnel. Goods air showers utilize filtered air to remove dust, debris and particulates from the surfaces of materials being conveyed through the unit.

Q: How fast does the conveyor need to move through the air shower?

A: Optimal speed is around 10-20 feet per minute for proper exposure to the directed air jets.

Q: Can ultrasonics be used instead of air nozzles?

A: Ultrasonics can supplement air nozzles but are less effective as the primary purification method.

Q: How often should filters be changed?

A: Most manufacturers recommend changing HEPA/ULPA filters every 6 months under constant use. Pre-filters can be changed more frequently if they become overloaded with particulates.

Q: Can goods air showers fully sterilize surfaces?

A: No, they only remove dry contaminants. For true sterilization other methods like chemical sprays or vapor hydrogen peroxide systems should be used.

Q: Are goods air showers worth the investment?

A: In aseptic industries, the benefits of reduced rejects and higher quality generally provide a quick ROI making them very worthwhile.

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