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Steps For Installation And Use Of Pass Box

We all know that the pass box is a kind of clean room auxiliary purification equipment, mainly used in the clean area and clean area, or clean area and non-clean area between the goods transfer(Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box); conventional pass box has cold plate spraying and stainless steel material production; double door interlock, one side of the door open, the other side of the door can not open, interlocking device can effectively prevent cross-contamination, the traditional interlocking device has mechanical interlock and electronic interlock Two kinds of ways. Function also from a single pass items to sterilization, can be blown.

Steps For Installation And Use Of Pass Box

Pass box are widely used and can be applied to microtechnology applications, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, food factories, hospitals, LED, electronics factories and other places with requirements for air purification level.

Optional accessories: intercom, sterilization lamp, interlocking device, blowing shower and other functions.

Installation steps for pass box

First of all, you need to choose a suitable location in the wall to open the hole, the size of the hole is generally larger than the size of the outer box of the pass box about 1 cm, and then the pass box into the wall, generally installed in the middle of the wall, keep the balance fixed, with rounded corners or other decorative strips to decorate the gap between the pass box and the wall, and finally play glue seal trim can be.

The correct use of the pass box

1. The two doors of the pass box are closed in the static state, and the pass box with electrical lighting system must be plugged in and connected to 220V/50Hz power supply first.

2. If there is a disinfection and sterilization treatment of the pass box, you can turn on the UV sterilization lamp power switch, at this time the UV sterilization lamp is lit, and the items in the pass box will be disinfected and sterilized according to the specified time.

3. When the door of one side of the pass box is opened, the door of the other side will be locked automatically, so when passing goods, first open the door of the pass box, put the goods to be passed into the pass box, and then close the door of the pass box, then the door of the other side of the pass box can be opened to realize the passing of goods. Likewise, the person who takes the goods should also close the door of the pass box immediately after taking the goods away, so as not to affect the next delivery of goods.

Special reminder, the door on one side of the pass box is not closed, forcibly pull open the door on the other side of the pass box will lead to damage to the door lock, so be sure to close the door in time when using.To learn more, you can visit《Notes On The Use And Operation Of Pass Box》.

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