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Stainless Steel Transfer Through

Stainless Steel Transfer Through is an auxiliary equipment for clean rooms, mainly used for the transfer of small items between clean areas and clean areas and between clean areas and non-clean areas, in order to reduce the number of times the clean room is opened and to minimise the pollution of the clean room.

Stainless Steel Transfer Through purchase to pay attention to what details

Stainless Steel Transfer Through is a device set up at the entrance and exit of the clean room or between rooms of different cleanliness levels to block the airflow through the room when passing goods, in order to prevent polluted air from entering the cleaner area and producing cross-contamination. When passing materials, the airflow from the top blows out high speed and clean air to remove dust particles from the surface of the goods, at this time, the doors on both sides can be opened or closed, and the clean airflow acts as an airlock to ensure that the air outside the clean room does not affect the cleanliness of the room. The inner side of the doors on both sides of the Stainless Steel Transfer Through are equipped with special sealing strips to ensure the air tightness of the Stainless Steel Transfer Through.

Stainless Steel Transfer Through purchase to pay attention to what details:

1, the selection of specific equipment orientation, pay attention to the maintenance of the transfer window box, but where the water is very sufficient, relatively wet local, corrosive gases in the workshop, acidic substances, alkaline substances, when passing these items, will damage the transfer window box, be more careful to prevent spilling to the box, try to cut the damage to the box.

2, in the wall to select a convenient location, and then open the hole, the hole is usually larger than the Stainless Steel Transfer Through diameter of about 10MM, the Stainless Steel Transfer Through into the wall, usually equipment in the centre of the wall, adhere to the balance of fixed, with rounded corners or other decorative strip to decorate the gap between the transfer window and the wall, play glue seal embellishment can be.

3, use first open a door, to pass the object into the box, at this moment the door is through the chain organization can not be opened, and only after closing the door to open the door to pass the object to take away, complete the transfer operation.

Maintenance Stainless Steel Transfer Through interlock, Stainless Steel Transfer Through usually use electronic interlock and mechanical interlock, two doors can not be opened together, so the operation of the transfer window, do not open the door must check the cause, not blindly force the door, to avoid damage to the door body and interlocking equipment.

4, the air shower Stainless Steel Transfer Through is the primary in the blowing into the workshop production materials, to ensure that the workshop is not affected by the outside elements, equipment air shower transfer window to pay attention to what details?

5, stability, air shower Stainless Steel Transfer Through with fan and other accessories, the quality thus increased a lot, usually color steel plate is no way to accept its weight, equipment to give full consideration to this question, advocate the use of floor-type equipment, reduce the weight bearing burden of color steel plate.

6, the safety of operation, advocate in the power switch equipment a leakage switch, to ensure the safe operation of the air shower Stainless Steel Transfer Through and to make personnel's personal safety.

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