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Features And Applications Of The Pass Box

The pass box is a kind of clean room auxiliary equipment, mainly used for the clean area and clean area, clean area between the non-clean area of small items to pass, in order to reduce the number of clean room open the door, the pollution of the clean room to a minimum. The stainless steel clean transfer window produced by Yuantuo purification equipment factory is made of high quality stainless steel plate, with a smooth and flat surface. The internal arc structure makes it easy to clean. Passing goods is easy and convenient. The double doors are interlocked to effectively prevent cross-contamination, with electronic interlocking devices, and equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp, safe and simple operation.

Features And Applications Of The Pass Box

When using, first open one door and put the object to be transferred into the box. At this time the opposite door cannot be opened through the interlocking mechanism, and only after closing the door can the opposite door be opened to take the transferred object away and complete the transfer work.

Whether it is a mechanical interlock or an electronic interlock, stainless steel can only open a door. After the new installation , be stainless steel clean transfer window inside and outside to do a clean and sterilization, and then regular inspection and maintenance to see if there is an interlock failure, sterilization lamp damage, general sterilization lamp is perishable goods.

Choose a convenient location in the wall, then open the hole. The hole is generally larger than the stainless steel clean transfer window outer diameter of about 10MM, the stainless steel clean transfer window into the wall, generally installed in the middle of the wall, keep the balance fixed, with rounded corners or other decorative strips to decorate the stainless steel clean transfer window and wall gaps, play glue seal trim can be. The following is an introduction to the installation and use of stainless steel clean pass window and the characteristics of the principle.

Transfer window (pass box) characteristics

1 、 the pass window (pass box) using more suitable for the clean room principle of rounded corners

2 、 The outer wall of high quality cold-rolled steel plate is sprayed with plastic

3、  Short distance stainless steel clean pass window work surface using non-powered roller, easy and convenient to pass items

4 、 Both doors are equipped with mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking devices to ensure that both doors cannot be opened at the same time

5 、 Paired paging type intercom is available

Pass box structural features and applications

The stainless steel clean pass window is a passage for the transfer of goods between areas of different cleanliness levels. It is set in the clean room entrance and exit or different cleanliness level room, pass goods when blocking indoor and outdoor airflow through the device, in order to prevent pollution air into the cleaner area and produce cross-contamination. The stainless steel clean transfer window is normally in a closed state. The two doors are electronically interlocked. When the goods are to be passed, the passer first opens the first door, closes it immediately after sending the goods in, and then opens the door when the other party receives a signal (the stainless steel clean transfer window control panel is equipped with a signal indicator), takes the materials out, and then closes the door. The two doors cannot be opened at the same time when the electricity is on.

When the transfer window is passing goods, the top blows out a high-speed, clean airflow to blow away the dust particles on the surface of the goods, and the interior is equipped with a UV germicidal lamp, which can effectively kill the bacteria on the surface of the goods. When the blowing is complete, another door can be opened to take the goods. The clean air acts as an airlock to ensure that the air outside the clean room does not affect the cleanliness of the room. The two side doors are electronically interlocked and cannot be opened at the same time. The inner sides of both doors are equipped with special sealing strips to ensure the airtightness of the stainless steel transfer windows.

Kwang Purification is proud to offer examples of a variety of our cleanroom Pass Box below Static Pass BoxDynamic Pass BoxStainless Steel Pass BoxElectric Interlock Pass Box.

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