Application of air shower room in edible fungus industry

The edible fungus industry, as a new industry with small investment, quick results, short cycle and easy development, can effectively promote farmers' income and agricultural efficiency. Therefore, the edible fungus industry is one of the most important policies of the national poverty alleviation project. In recent years, the edible fungus industry has emerged as the fifth largest planting industry after grain, oil, fruit and vegetables in my country, and its development momentum is very good.

Fungus Cleanroom Air Shower

As a new industry, edible fungus has gradually become a pillar industry of agriculture and rural economy after more than ten years of development. There are more than 900 types of edible fungi in my country, among which the annual output of fresh fungi is as high as 8.76 million tons. The output of Flammulina velutipes, Shiitake, Tremella, and Pleurotus ostreatus has been ranked first in the world for many years. With the development of edible fungi, many factory edible fungi companies have emerged. These companies use new technology, pay attention to workshop construction, and focus on product quality, mainly engaged in export business.

The purification cleanroom for edible fungi requires stricter requirements. The inoculation environment must be produced and operated under the 10,000-level purification standard. Other workshops, such as the cooling workshop and the workshop to be inoculated, are required to be 100,000-level purification standards. When we enter the clean area, we need to blow in the air shower before entering. The choice of air shower room for edible fungus enterprises is particularly important. The main function of the air shower is to isolate the clean area from the non-clean area to form a natural barrier, which effectively prevents dust particles and microorganisms in the non-clean area from entering the clean area.

When selecting the type of air shower room, bacteria users can choose manual or automatic sliding door air shower room according to their own requirements. The manual air shower room needs to open the door manually for air shower, and the price is relatively cheap. The manual air shower room produced by Wuxi Yichunhua Equipment Co., Ltd. uses all 304 stainless steel door frames inside and outside, Japan Omron Optoelectronics, German Doma door closers, Rexkin electronic locks, Philips lamps, LCD blue screen displays, emergency brake buttons, etc. While designing and ensuring quality, the use of well-known brand accessories greatly reduces after-sales problems. According to more than 1,000 edible mushroom companies that have purchased the air shower room produced by Yizheng Chemical Company, it is concluded that 65% of edible mushroom companies will choose a manual air shower room.

The automatic sliding door type air shower room, as the name suggests, is to enter through the induction automatic door opening for air shower. The automatic sliding door air shower produced by Wuxi Kwang Purification adopts 304 stainless steel double-sided induction sliding door, Taiwan-funded JAB door operator, Japanese Omron Optoelectronics, 7.1-inch touch screen, double-layer hollow glass and other designs. Beautiful and generous, it has won a lot of praise, and the quality is stable, almost no after-sales problems. According to more than 1,000 edible mushroom companies that have purchased the air shower room produced by Yizheng Chemical Company: 35% of edible mushroom companies will choose the automatic sliding door air shower room.

When edible fungus companies choose the air shower room, they choose according to the width, height, and depth of the reserved workshop. After the purchased air shower room is used for half a year, it is necessary to clean the initial filter inside the equipment and replace the high efficiency filter inside the equipment, so as to keep the air shower room in normal use and operation. For the maintenance of the air shower, please refer to other articles on the official website, or call Wuxi Yichun Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. for inquiries.

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