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Application Of Air Shower In Printing Industry

As air purification equipment such as air showers serving enterprises and companies, there are many fields of application. Let's say our common printing industry, what is the effect? It is well known that many national high-tech enterprises have precision electronics and biological engineering. , The production workshop of hygienic food passes through the double air shower room before entering the clean room, but in the management of the air shower room: anti-virus, dustproof, temperature, humidity, entrant's The video recording of the slapping behavior standard is basically blank, and there is no meticulous management done by high-tech companies in the United States and Japan. Therefore, most cleaning companies hope that the state will issue relevant standards for standardized management, so as to truly achieve the use effect of clean workplaces. You can't just follow the fashion and become a mere formality, this is the problem of the domestic industry!

Application Of Air Shower In Printing Industry

In the printing factory, air purification equipment such as an air shower is actually used in this way. Generally, before entering the manufacturing workshop, it is necessary to go to the dressing room to change into white work clothes, then wash hands, dry, and then pass through a closed channel—— In the air shower room, the small holes in the four sides of the passage will blow a small wind to help you remove the dust from your body. In the clean workshop, employees generally wear uniform "white coats" and gloves, and shower according to the operation of the air shower room.

So what does the printing factory mainly do? It is understood that the printing machine can produce a carton tableware in one minute, and the formed carton tableware Then it goes through a slicing machine and a punching machine to become an exquisite finished product, and then the finished product must be transported to the inspection area without stopping. "Every carton must be carefully inspected, and none of them can be let go." The staff mainly checks whether the carton is damaged or not. And the color problem, an employee checks more than 10,000 cartons a day. Generally, good packaging carton manufacturers have advanced fully automated infrared detection systems and direct plate making equipment. The graphic information is directly output to the plate after being digitized by the computer, which completely omits the film making process. The printing company also has a "dust-free workshop". Workers must pass through the air shower before entering the workplace. Because the products used for packaging food are printed here, they must pay great attention to hygiene and strictly follow the requirements. !

The above is a simple introduction to the use of air shower equipment in the work of the printing factory. Of course, it belongs to one of them. The workflow of so many printing factories is still very different from the process of purification workshop equipment such as only air shower equipment. Yes, there is only one single purpose and that is to ensure the sanitation of production. Only when the sanitation is guaranteed will there be future development! I believe that the development of the printing industry industry will also develop better and better because of the use of purification equipment such as air showers!

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