Key Components of Purification Air Showers

What Is A Purification Air Shower Used For?

A purification air shower is a type of specialized equipment designed to remove contaminants from personnel and items prior to entering controlled environments. Air showers utilize high velocity filtered air to dislodge and eliminate particles, reducing the risk of contamination. They purify anyone passing through by airflow, filtration and physical barriers.

Purification air showers have several key components that enable their cleaning capability:

High Velocity Fans

Powerful fans generate strong air currents within the enclosure, creating turbulent air to knock particles loose. Fan size and speed can be adjusted based on requirements.

Air Nozzles

Strategically placed nozzles direct focused blasts of air to exposed surfaces like clothing and skin. The forceful air dislodges contaminants.


Air is filtered to remove particles during recirculation. HEPA or ULPA filters are commonly used to achieve high levels of purification.

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