Working with an Established Brand Manufacturer

Are There Air Shower Brand Manufacturers?

Air showers are enclosures engineered to blow contaminants off personnel, equipment, and materials prior to entering controlled environments through directed high-velocity filtered air. Major brand manufacturers exist that specialize in air shower solutions.

Removing Contaminants from Personnel

Powerful turbulent airflows remove particles from clothing and exposed skin and hair to minimize contamination risk.

Preventing Particle Ingress into Cleanrooms

Air showers provide a “transition space” between uncontrolled and clean areas to trap particulates.

Decontaminating Parts and Equipment

Items are purified as they move through the air shower before entering aseptic production areas.

Partnering with a proven air shower brand like Kwang provides advantages:

Leveraging Their Expertise

Tap into decades of experience engineering optimized air shower solutions.

Reliable Support and Training

Leading brands have dedicated customer support and training programs.

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