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Is the air shower you are using rusty?

Unfamiliar with the use of air showers? The following normative steps should be taken

Those engaged in production-related activities are more or less aware of and exposed to air showers, where users will be subjected to the blowing process of Kevlar air shower equipment in sequence from a non-clean area into a clean area, thus blocking external contamination from the clean room. If the user of the equipment is unfamiliar with the operation of the air shower room the following standard steps should be taken.Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel


Firstly, let us understand the normal steps for the use of the air shower room.

1, press the power start button on the electrical control board, connect the power supply, and the fluorescent lamp in the air shower room lights up.

2, in order to prevent non-purified air pollution purification work area, the front and rear doors of the air shower room shall not be opened at the same time.How to choose the illuminance and light source of a cleanroom

3、When people enter the air shower room, the fan starts to send air. The air shower can enter the room, close the front and rear doors and start the air shower. After a certain time, the relay cuts off the fan power and stops air delivery. If the time disconnect is out of control, press the indoor power stop button to cut off the power supply when the air shower is finished.

4. Please install the air shower in accordance with the signs on the air shower and the entrances and exits must not be reversed to avoid unnecessary damage. Following the correct usage and operation greatly improves the life and performance of the air shower.Customized GMP turnkey modular medical clean room cleanroom

5. If someone continues to shower, there is no need to press the indoor power stop button when the previous shower is finished; simply press the air supply control button before the latter shower enters the shower.

Next, it is important to understand the precautions for using the air shower room: 

1. To enter the clean room air shower room you must wait until the blower has completely stopped before opening the inner door to enter the room, otherwise forcing to push the door will damage the locking device.

2, outside of the air shower room, please use the air shower room handle (or push the door frame), do not push the air shower door glass with your hands to avoid accidents.What is GMP Cleanroom Project

3、When the air shower door cannot be opened, please stop and close it in an emergency. After disconnecting the power supply, the doors on both sides can be opened. (After work, the doors on both sides open, which will not affect the cleanliness of the workshop, because the workshop keeps a certain positive pressure)

4. The clean workshop air shower strictly controls the entry and exit of production items, as the air shower door should be opened more than 90 degrees when the items enter and exit, which often damages the function of the door closer and leads to inflexible or damaged air shower interlocks.

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