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Laminar Air Flow Unit System FAQ

1. What is a laminar air flow unit?

- Laminar air flow unit is also called a laminar flow hood, laminar flow cabinet or compounding hood.

- Laminar flow hood is an air purification equipment that provides Class A unidirectional flow and creates a local high cleanliness environment.

2. Why do we need a laminar air flow unit?

- Laminar flow hood is one of the equipment that can shield and isolate operators from products. Its main purpose is to avoid product contamination.

- It is an ideal equipment for achieving high purification level requirements in low purification areas.

- It is mainly used to protect the production process of sterile drugs.Common Faults And Handling Of Air Shower

3. What is the laminar air flow unit structure?

It is mainly composed of the tank, fan, high-efficiency air filter, homogeneous membrane, lighting fixture, etc.

Laminar Air Flow Unit System FAQ

Structure Diagram

4. What is the laminar air flow unit working principle?

- After passing through HEPA at a certain air velocity, the air is equalized by the homogeneous membrane, so that the clean air flow is sent to the working area in an unidirectional flow.

- It is generally installed above the working area, and the air in the working area is replaced by clean air in a vertical unidirectional flow.

- Local micro positive pressure is formed in the working area, which can effectively prevent the air flow in the background area from penetrating.Differential Pressure Measurement In Cleanrooms

Laminar Air Flow Unit System FAQ

Air Flow Diagram

5. Characteristics & Features

l It can be used alone or in combination.

l Double layer negative pressure structure, no leakage risk.

l HEPA ensures low resistance and high efficiency, and the liquid tank seal is more reliable.

l The inside and outside are consistent, clean and free of dead ends.

l Various forms of control to meet different requirements of customers.

l Multiple pressure equalizing, uniform air velocity and good unidirectional flow pattern.

l Imported fan, large residual pressure, low noise, energy saving, reliable performance.

l The design is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and the efficient Class A clean environment is provided.

l It can be used in the assembly, testing, inspection and other production processes of sterile products requiring ultra clean.

l Integrated fan filter module, low noise.Professional Manufacturer Automatic Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower

6. Main technical parameters

l Cleanliness class: Class A

l Rated air velocity:

l Noise: 65~75dB 

l Air return type: side or top air return type

l Control mode: touch screen control, remote control+panel control

l Power supply: 220V 50HZ or customized

l Standard model and size: designed and manufactured according to the customer’s URS.

7. Application

l It is widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, chemicals, science and technology, bioengineering and other industries.

l It is widely used in the safe washing, drying, filling and sealing lines of precision electronic device operation rooms and pharmaceutical workshops, antibiotic bottle washing, drying, filling and sealing lines, oral liquid bottle washing, drying, filling and sealing lines, and clean air supply treatment on large infusion production lines.

8. Notices

l It should be installed under Class D or higher working conditions.

l The background area shall be cleaned 5 minutes in advance to make the cleanliness meet the process requirements.

l It is forbidden to place unnecessary articles in the working area and try to avoid actions that obviously disturb the airflow.

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