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High Performance Cargo Air Shower for Clean Room

Clean Room Cargo Air Shower is specialized antechamber which personnel and cargoes need to pass through before entering clean rooms in order to decontaminate. Decontamination is done by clearing off dust and dirt particles from personnel and cargoes to minimize contamination of equipment or products.Stainless Steel Air Shower

High Performance Cargo Air Shower for Clean Room

Cargo Air Shower In fields where sterile or dust-free conditions are critical, for example, life science and biomedical research, pharmaceutical, parenteral drug, microelectronics, aerospace and precision manufacturing, cargo air shower is considered essential equipment.Automatic Door Air Shower

Technical Parameters

Inner Dimension: Customized, based on the goods/cart personnel need to push through cargo air shower;

Material: SUS304, 1mm thickness;

Operation Mode: Auto/Manual;

Airflow Velocity: above 22m/s;Corner Air Shower

High Performance Cargo Air Shower for Clean Room

Display Screen Function:

1) Automatic/Manual Switch

2) Lighting Time Adjustment

3) Showering Time Adjustment

4) Showering Status Display

5) Time Setting

6) Delay Closing Time Adjustment of Front/Back Door

7) Up/Down Speed Adjustment of Front/Back Door

8) Fault Reset

9) Interlock Status

10) Photoelectric Switch Correction

11) Reminder of HEPA Filter Replacement

Cleanroom cargo air shower is a highly versatile partial purification device installed in the passage of clean room and non-clean room, used to reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean room. When goods need to enter the clean area, it must be sprayed and showered in this equipment. The clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by the goods, and can effectively prevent or reduce dust from entering the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower are electronically interlocked and act as air locks to prevent un-purified air from entering the clean area.Multi User Stainless Steel Air Shower

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